Family Treepot - A Family Tree Handpainted on a Teapot
We love creating this personalised family tree gift. Searching for a present for our own parents we wanted something that would touch their hearts, celebrate their family and be enjoyed every day. So we created the family treepot, a handpainted family tree on a teapot. And when they opened their presents, our wishes were granted a thousand fold. 

The family treepot is not just an emotional gift. It is a gift of great craftsmanship. Handpainted to order by specialist calligraphers, the treepot is glazed, fired and then boxed beautifully. 

At heart the family treepot is a homely teapot. Around the world, tea is an essential part of the day. Nothing beats brewing a pot of tea and enjoying it with family and friends. Based on the classic "Brown Betty" teapot shape, the treepot makes great tea. The round body allows you to swirl the water around the pot infusing the tea perfectly.

The family tree is a great personalised gift and makes a perfect anniversary gift, retirement gift, wedding gift or a gift to celebrate a new family on a wedding or new birth. And of course, it is a great Christmas and birthday gift.  

Our parents love their family treepots. We love painting the treepots. And we want you to love giving a family treepot as a present.